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11115 U.S. 24, Divide, CO 80814
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Phone number:
+1 719-687-9433


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Working hours

Sunday 09:00am — 08:00pm
Monday 07:00am — 08:00pm
Tuesday 07:00am — 08:00pm
Wednesday 07:00am — 08:00pm
Thursday 07:00am — 08:00pm
Friday 07:00am — 08:00pm
Saturday 07:00am — 08:00pm
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Divide Venture Foods


  • K Gilbert
    May, 26 2018
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
    Decent little store, but I'm really tired of finding hair in our food from the deli. Twice now, we have purchased breakfast burritos to find employee's hair in our mouths. Nothing nastier than biting into something and having to pull a long unknown hair from your mouth. It has totally turned us off from the deli and we no longer purchase anything that is made there. I can see it happening once by accident, but twice in a matter of two weeks - no excuse. Its a shame because they actually taste really good. The manager says they wear hair nets, but they don't always have them on - I know, because I purposely look every time we go in now. Just makes me wonder what else they are slacking on...like hand washing - sorry, just can't do it. Other than the deli, the place is nice and convenient if you don't feel like driving into Woodland.

    Update: They have really made some positive changes at Venture, Josh the manager has taken complaints seriously, and the hair in the food issue has stopped completely. I still run into issues with expiration dates from time to time, but I feel he is on top of it. For a grocery store in a rural area, they are pretty darn good, and I love not having to drive all the way to City Market or the Springs every time I need something.
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